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2024 Black Caucus Reparations Team of Central Ohio

2024 Black Caucus Reparations Team of Cemtral Ohio.jpg

lst Row L-R

Carol Hector Harris, S. Yolanda Robinson, Rev. Joel King, Jr., Professor Roxaynne Burrus, Khari Enaharo, Ella Coleman, Barbara Clark and Barbara Rutledge


Wanda White, Richard Lundy, Jamia Shepherd, Dr. Vincene Verdun, Rev. John Coates, Dorria Wingard, Jessica Roach, Attorney Byron Potts

Not in Photo:   Wanda Dillard, Bill Dodson, Joan Robinson and Dr. Adah Randolph, Minister Donnel Muhammad

Declaration: Reparation is a Historical Crisis  

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Declaration: Reparation is a Historical Crisis  


We, the undersigned, acknowledge the historical harm inflicted by slavery and recognize the urgency of addressing its lingering effects. We are committed to taking urgent action because:


  • With reparations, we are settling a debt and paving the way for a new kind of America. Our commitment is grounded in the understanding that reparative action is essential for fostering a more just and equitable society.


  • We acknowledge the harm done by chattel slavery. Still, we also invest in the lives and communities of Black folks who continue to reel from 400+ years of the economic devastation caused by slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, the war on drugs, and the prison industrial complex.


  • We recognize the legacy of chattel slavery continues to impact individuals and communities, contributing to systemic inequalities and disparities. To rectify these injustices, we pledge to take immediate and meaningful action. Our commitment extends beyond mere acknowledgment, as we understand the importance of tangible steps to redress historical wrongs and build a more inclusive future.


  • In settling this debt, we are dedicated to implementing comprehensive measures that address the social, housing, employment, educational, economic, and health disparities resulting from historical injustices. This commitment includes but is not limited to, supporting initiatives that promotes economic, housing, employment, educational opportunities, environmental justice, social justice, and healthcare access for affected communities. (in Central Ohio)


  • We understand the importance of ongoing dialogue and collaboration with impacted communities to ensure our actions are informed by their perspective and needs. Furthermore, we commit to continuously evaluation and adjusting our strategies to ensure their effectiveness in dismantling the enduring consequences of chattel enslavement.


  • By making this declaration, we affirm our responsibility to contribute to the healing and reconciliation process, fostering a society where every individual can thrive free from the burdens of historical injustice. This commitment is vital to building a more equitable and harmonious future for all.

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