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Welcome to the Black Caucus of Central Ohio website


Large segments of Black people do not seem to understand what part or role politics and voting
play in their life. Therefore, they do not vote or when taking part in the electoral process, show
little to no Black political consciousness. They do not go to the ballot box with the idea of voting
to improve or change the conditions of Black lives and communities.

Those who do vote often cast ballots based on emotions, whether they like or dislike a candidate
determines how they will vote. Or they will vote the way a slate card, charismatic leader, or
political party tells them to do. There is no Black independent non-aligned thinking or
clearinghouse which gives in-depth analyses or evaluations on political issues.

As a result, there is no meaningful examination of the candidate’s views beyond their political
party affiliation. What he or she stands for or has committed in words, political platforms, on
video or in writing does not matter. Party propaganda replaces independent political education,
thereby exploiting, manipulating, and dumbing down the Black vote.

Millions of voters have no understanding of politics. They are under the hypnotic illusion that
politicians are celebrities, and quasi-royal personages whose activities do not affect their daily
lives. Nothing is further from the truth. Politics controls every aspect of their lives from early in
the morning to late at night.

Local, county, state, or federal governments approve, regulate, or outlaw all social interactions.
The government gets its authority from the laws passed by elected officials and the Constitution
or Charters of various nations, states, and cities.

Presidents, Governors, and Mayors, legislative and judicial officials have enormous power and
authority granted to them by the vote of the people. The power of politics was on full display
during the three-year COVID Pandemic of 2020-2023. The governors, general assemblies,
mayors, and city councils used emergency powers to shut down, severely reduce, or refuse to
prohibit social interaction during the pandemic. However, we must remember that politicians are
not dictators, royalty, or semi-gods, they are the elected officials, servants of the people, no more
no less. Our dilemma is that too many Black elected officials show an enthusiastic desire to
tackle other people’s issues but display little energy or willingness to solve Black problems.


The Black Caucus of Central Ohio is committed to changing the political landscape in Central Ohio because we believe that every person deserves to have their voice heard and their needs represented in government. For too long, Black communities have been underrepresented and marginalized in the political process, leading to systemic inequalities and injustices.

© 2023 Black Caucus of Central Ohio
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